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Misuse of alcohol is legal, socially acceptable and one of the biggest problems that society faces. Because it is socially acceptable, many people don’t realize there is a problem with their alcohol use until it is too late, or until it has become too severe to stop on their own. Clear signs of an alcohol use disorder are sometimes obvious, such as consistently spending much of your time drinking or feeling the aftereffects of drinking, or less obvious, such as missing work, feeling physically sick, or an inability to control your drinking habit. According to a recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it is estimated that 14.8 million people, or over 5% of the population, have an alcohol use disorder.

After coming to the realization that alcohol use has become a problem, the need to stop drinking, get all the alcohol out of your system, and get through the withdrawal symptoms is the most important step. This has to be done to be able to move toward an alcohol-free future.

Enter local alcohol detox centers, providing medically managed detox to individuals that suffer from alcohol use disorders. Depending on the level of severity of the patient’s alcohol use disorder, there are a variety of options and activities that can assist the individual in becoming alcohol free, and a variety of resources people can use to access nearby alcohol detox centers.

What are alcohol detox centers?

Alcohol detox centers are inpatient or outpatient facilities where a patient who has an alcohol use disorder can receive treatment to detoxify their body of alcohol in a safe environment. Located nation and worldwide, alcohol detox centers give those with the need easy access to detox under the supervision of medical practitioners. Many of these facilities are luxurious, set up like five-star resorts to make the transition to an alcohol-free life as comfortable as possible for the patients. Other centers can be found in less glamorous, but still highly effective, hospitals or medical clinics.

Alcohol detox centers are typically staffed by medical personnel who supervise the detoxification of the patient, provide monitoring for medical emergencies, and manage the symptoms of withdrawal, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, chills, shaking, and possible mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. They administer medications, and provide counseling and support, to get the patient through the physical effects of the detox.

Who are alcohol detox centers for?

Alcohol detox centers serve individuals with alcohol use disorders, or alcoholics, who feel that they cannot live without alcohol. The individuals, for whatever reason, have made the decision to cleanse their bodies of the harmful effects of alcohol. Treatment at an alcohol detox center allows patients to detoxify their bodies from alcohol and gets them on the path to living sober lives, free from the devastating effects of alcohol. Alcohol detox centers offer a variety of treatment options for patients who want help detoxifying from alcohol in a safe and effective environment.  These people are often at the end of the line with their addiction and have no other options. These are patients that are seeking medical intervention to help eliminate alcohol from their lives. Alcohol detox centers are for people who have a serious alcohol use disorder and need professional help to begin the process of recovery.

Alcohol detox facilities offer the advantage of providing individualized treatment for each patient as they go through their own version of detox. As each patient will be at a different place in their alcohol use disorder, every patient will experience different symptoms of withdrawal. Some will have an easier time, with only mild symptoms of headache, minor sweating, or upset stomach, lasting only a day or so. Other patients will experience extreme fatigue, overwhelming pain, and feel like they are literally dying from the symptoms, for a week or longer. The ability to tailor the treatment to the needs of each patient allows for the most humane treatment of alcoholism and the best possible outcome for each patient. The goal of the alcohol detox center is not to make the individual suffer the torture of detox, but to provide them with any possible relief to ease the process for them. Only after this painful process can they begin to heal.

Inpatient VS outpatient alcohol detox

There are two types of treatments available at an alcohol detox clinic: inpatient and outpatient. The main difference between the two types of treatment are whether the patient stays at the alcohol detox center for the entire process or spends only a certain amount of time at the detox center during the day.

Inpatient alcohol detox

Inpatient treatment requires the patient to temporarily live in the alcohol detox center to receive 24-hour care as they go through the detox process. Inpatient treatment is usually the best option for individuals who are long term alcoholics or who have a very serious alcohol use disorder.  Due to the more structured and in-depth care provided to the patient, these programs are usually more expensive and considered necessary for more serious cases. The goal of inpatient alcohol detox is to ease the pain of withdrawal using safe medical methods to control symptoms with the least amount of both physical and psychological stress on the patient.

Outpatient alcohol detox

While detox can be more comfortable when done as an inpatient in an alcohol detox center, it is possible for those with a more recent or less serious alcohol use disorder to detox on an outpatient basis. Outpatient detox relies heavily on meetings and counseling, including prescribing medication to help ease any symptoms of withdrawal, and requires that the individual have a strong support system outside of the detox center. Outpatient alcohol detox centers offer treatment for patients who visit the center to meet with healthcare professionals for evaluation, to discuss withdrawal symptoms and strategies for going through withdrawal, and to teach them ways that they can progress toward an alcohol free life. After their daily visits to the center, the patient returns to their own home. Outpatient detox for alcohol is usually less expensive than inpatient detox, but the services are much more limited. Outpatient treatment through an alcohol detox center is not for individuals with more severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and not for those with a more long-term use disorder.

Treatment offered at an alcohol detox facility
Treatments that patients receive in an alcohol detox facility range depending on other underlying health conditions and the level of treatment required for the individual. All treatment starts with an intake evaluation where the patient is evaluated for overall physical and mental health, and the extent of the alcohol use disorder is determined. Once the required treatment is determined, the medical team with create a treatment plan and start the detox process.

The main focus of an alcohol detox center is to ease the symptoms associated with detox. Most inpatient facilities offer rigorous treatment of the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. Patients who are detoxing may experience a range of symptoms from uncomfortable to life-threatening, such as shaking (DTs), seizures, nausea, headaches, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Treatment may include using medications to lessen or eliminate the physical symptoms of detox and control withdrawal symptoms, counseling to help the patient through the detox process, and comfort care.

Outpatient treatment is a viable alternative for those with less severe addiction problems, who have a strong system of family and community support, and do not suffer any other mental or physical conditions. These individuals will attend intensive counseling sessions for treatment of their alcohol related behaviors and explore and address the underlying psychological reasons associated with their alcohol use disorder. They may be prescribed medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms. They usually attend meetings and appointments with their care team several hours a day, then return to their homes, taking with them the skills they learned during the day, to continue living an alcohol-free life while at home.

Many alcohol detox centers now offer outpatient treatment where patients receive care through virtual appointments from their own home. This eliminates the need for travel and in person contact with medical staff and other patients.

After detox, there are a number of rehabilitation options available, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. The patient will participate in intensive psychological and behavioral therapy to address the reasons leading to their alcohol use disorder. They may also be prescribed medications that will assist them in remaining alcohol free, such as Antabuse.

Cost and how to pay for alcohol detox centers

The cost associated with alcohol detox centers is based on the type of care received, the organization that provides the care, and whether treatment is received inpatient or outpatient. Depending on the center, whether it’s a high-end, luxury detox facility designed like a five-star resort, or a standard facility for average people, amenities vary, as does the price. Most medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, will cover at least a portion of the cost of some form of treatment for patients at an alcohol detox center. Each insurance policy provides different benefits to the insured, but overall, insurance companies only cover treatment that they deem medically necessary. The best way to get information regarding covered benefits is to contact your medical insurance provider.

Many alcohol detox centers have scholarships or other programs that allow for free or reduced cost treatment options for individuals who choose to enter treatment but don’t have the financial means. Personnel in the financial office of the alcohol detox center are available to discuss which insurance plans are accepted, reduced cost programs and options for self-pay for their center. While some alcohol detox centers have extremely high costs, others offer fees based on a sliding fee scale. Still others, often offered through religious or nonprofit organizations, are provided free of charge, based on need and ability to pay. For outpatient treatment, many organizations offer free meetings, counseling and support to follow up after detox.

How do I find alcohol detox near me?
There are a variety of ways to locate available alcohol detox centers near you. The most modern and convenient way is to do an internet search for: alcohol detox centers near me. This should bring up a variety of options in your local area with contact information. Other helpful resources are to contact your medical insurance company customer service number for a list of covered local alcohol detox centers in your area. Alternatively, your primary care provider can give you a referral to a local alcohol detox center near you.

Another great option for help locating an alcohol detox center near your location is contacting local religious organizations. Many religious organizations will assist community members who are interested in obtaining treatment for alcohol use disorders, whether they are a member of the organization or not. And don’t forget about programs offered through city, county, or state service program offices. Many government programs help with evaluation and placement, and provide funding for individuals in need of alcohol treatment programs.

Through proper treatment in an alcohol detox center, individuals who suffer the extremes of alcohol use disorders can heal their bodies and minds and enter recovery. Alcohol detox centers play an important role in transitioning patients to an alcohol-free future. There are programs for individuals in all stages of alcohol use disorders, from all walks of life. Although treatment can be expensive, there are a variety of different programs available to assist with the cost.

Maybe you’ve tried to quit on your own and have a bad experience. Maybe you’ve just had it with the way your life seems to be falling apart. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a long time but haven’t had the courage to move forward. While the idea of going through detox from alcohol may be a scary prospect, the end result is freedom from the bonds of addiction and a better life. Explore your options. Ask questions. You never know what great options are available to you unless you try.

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