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We are facing a drug crisis like we have never seen before. Heroin. Prescription opiates. Methamphetamine. Benzodiazepines. Synthetics. Cocaine. Ecstasy. All highly addictive drugs and all used to excess in the drug crisis that we are currently experiencing in this country. Drug addiction is an all-encompassing issue that does not discriminate.

Maybe you experienced an injury and the doctor prescribed a painkiller to help you get through the healing process. Or maybe you’re away at college and everybody does it, so you try it for the first time to fit in with the crowd. There is no intent to become addicted, but it makes you feel good, so you do it again thinking it’s something you can control. These two examples are all too common among addiction stories.

For whatever reason people start to use drugs, individuals don’t go into it with the thought that they’re going to end up with a drug use disorder. Instead, they are usually looking for either a physical or mental escape from pain. With increased regulation of prescription drugs, street drugs have become an easy to access alternative for those who have become addicted and can no longer get a legal prescription. Overdoses and drug related deaths have become common daily occurrences among people from all walks of life.

To someone addicted to drugs, the prospect of getting clean or trying to stop using drugs is terrifying. Not only are they afraid of the physical symptoms of withdrawal but they also fear what their life will be like without the drug. How they will be able to go on with life without it? What they will do and who will be in their life, since most likely their friends are probably addicts as well? Along with the process of removing the physical drugs from the body, these are some of the issues that people work through in a drug detox center.

What are drug detox centers?

Drug detox centers are medical facilities designed to help those with a drug use disorder, or addicts, go through the physical process of detoxification of their body from drugs. The facilities are designed to provide a safe environment for patients going through withdrawal from drugs where their withdrawal symptoms can be medically managed. Detox is the first step in the process toward becoming drug-free. This is the point where a drug user stops using drugs and will instead be administered medication, fluids, and food to help them get through their withdrawal. They are also provided with mental health support to deal with the psychological pain and fears of becoming drug-free, and comfort care.

Drug detox centers can be private facilities dedicated to helping individuals through the detox process, or they can be part of an overall rehabilitation program. Other drug detox centers may be found in doctor’s offices, medical centers, or hospitals. Depending on the type of detox the patient requires, some facilities are better suited for certain individuals.

Who are drug detox centers for?

Drug detox centers are designed to assist individuals who are addicted to drugs, who for some reason have decided that using drugs is no longer ideal, and they want to get clean. According to the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 8.1 million people suffer from some type of drug use disorder. A drug detox center is a place that people can go for the first and most important step in the process of removing drugs from their life. Drug detox can be available to adult men and women, adolescents, as well as young adults. Although the physical act of removing the drugs from your system is a huge step toward recovery, the treatment received in drug detox centers cannot be seen as the sole method to ridding yourself of drugs. Instead, detox must be the first step in a long process of treatment and rehabilitation towards living a drug-free life. Detox does not work alone to make an individual stop using drugs, and those who think in terms of detox as a cure will statistically relapse and go back to the familiar habit of using drugs.

The advantages to drug detox centers are that the centers are staffed with medical personnel who have experience taking individuals through withdrawal and keeping them safe during the process. They know what to expect based on the type of drug the individual is withdrawing from and are prepared to deal with and manage the symptoms of withdrawal from that particular drug.

The detox process is different for every individual. The type of treatment received in the facility depends upon the type of drugs the individual uses or is dependent on. The length of the detox process depends on the type of drug the individual is detoxing from and the severity of the addiction. The one thing that is the same across the board is that detox process is only the first step that goes hand-in-hand with the overall treatment plan. Failing to follow a comprehensive addiction treatment plan puts an individual at risk of relapse.

Inpatient vs Outpatient drug detox

When most people think of drug treatment programs, their mind automatically goes to an inpatient facility where the individual is removed from society and any potential situation that could make them relapse. In reality, most drug rehabilitation programs are done on an outpatient basis. Drug detox, on the other hand, is much safer and more effective when done in an inpatient setting. Detoxing from drugs is a serious process that can lead to severe withdrawal side effects and complications. Individuals should seek assistance from drug detox centers to go through the physical and psychological process of removing drugs from their system for their own safety. As part of the detox process, individuals receive personalized treatment based on their specific situation. This process involves evaluation of the individuals’ physical and mental health, and the severity of their drug use disorder, to determine the appropriate measures that need to be taken to help them. The patient is then stabilized with medications, detoxed, and prepared to enter a treatment program.

Outpatient detox from drugs is not recommended due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms and the possibility of serious medical issues during the process. Each patient has different medical needs during detox and detoxing in an inpatient facility allows those needs to be met while preventing the dangers associated with withdrawal.

Treatment offered at a drug detox facility

Drug detox centers offer medical intervention for the process of withdrawal from drugs. Depending on the type of drugs involved, individuals may benefit from regular, rapid, or ultra-rapid drug detox processes. These types of detoxes do not come without risk. Rapid and ultra-rapid drug detox can put your body into shock that it sometimes cannot recover from. They are also extremely expensive and generally not covered by insurance. The benefit to rapid and ultra-rapid detox is that in extreme addiction situations, drugs are quickly removed from your system, shortening the withdrawal period, and moving the individual to a more stable state much faster than regular drug detox. Unfortunately, some individuals who go through a rapid or ultra-rapid detox are more likely to relapse due to not following through with the rest of the treatment program.

For an addict, treatment after detox is just as important as detox in allowing the individual to live a drug-free life. Addicts who commit to treatment are basically starting a whole new life. It is likely they will need to surround themselves with a new support group and disassociate with their previous friends, who are most likely also drug users.

Cost and how to pay for drug detox centers

Drug detox centers offer a variety of different types of detox programs. Unfortunately, due to the intensity of the programs and the medical oversight required, these programs are usually very expensive, some upwards of $10,000, and many of the more intensive detox programs are not covered by medical insurance. Instead, the individual will be expected to self-pay, or get into some type of program that offers financial assistance for drug users wanting to enter recovery.

The costs associated with drug detox centers are based on several factors. The drugs involved in the individuals addiction, the type of care provided, the length of treatment, the medications provided during detox, whether other treatment options such as counseling or psychiatric treatment are involved, the organization providing the care, and the facility where the treatment is provided are all important aspects to consider. Generally, medical insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare, will cover some portion of basic drug detox, but more advanced types of detox such as rapid and ultra-rapid detox are not covered.

The best way for an individual to find out what is covered is to contact a local drug detox center or a medical provider for assistance. Some religious or non-profit organizations will cover the cost of drug detox and rehabilitation programs. There are also a variety of government funded programs available. Many drug detox centers offer fees based on a sliding scale, based on the income of the patient.

How do I find drug detox near me?

There are a variety of ways to locate a drug detox program near you. Unfortunately, the most common way of entering drug detox is through treatment in an emergency room for a drug related medical condition or overdose. When an individual is treated in the emergency room, medical professionals will offer options to the individual for detox and treatment. There may be programs associated with the hospital where the individual receives care, making the transition from emergency care to detox a streamlined process. This can be an ideal situation as the individual may have already been given some type of medication to begin the detox process as an emergency treatment. In other hospitals, the medical care team may be able to provide contacts with outside organizations or other medical facilities that meet the requirements of care necessary to treat the patient.

Another common way to enter a drug detox program is through the criminal justice system. Drug addiction takes over your life. Individuals often deteriorate into addiction to the point where they lose all the meaningful parts of their lives – jobs, family, friends. They have no way to help themselves out of addiction and no means to continue to support their habit. Many addicts find themselves breaking laws in order to get high. For example, burglary, robbery, fraud, and selling stolen goods are all common crimes associated with addiction. Although this is a sad circumstance, being arrested can be life saving for some, as there are opportunities for treatment for drug involved offenders.

There are other ways to find treatment in a drug detox center. The easiest way is to contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP. This is a toll-free telephone number that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Another easy way to find a drug detox center near you is to do an online search for “drug detox center near me”. This should provide a number of local centers to contact directly.

Other options for locating help are local religious or nonprofit organizations, city, state, and federal government programs, and through the healthcare system. If you are covered by medical insurance, your insurance company customer service representatives should be able to help you locate a covered drug detox center near you.

Just the thought of kicking a drug habit is stressful to many people. Feelings of fear and anxiety often outweigh the desire to be drug free. Withdrawal symptoms are a scary prospect to face, stopping many people from seeking help. When the effects of drug use get to be overwhelming, or when your drug use disorder is threatening your life, your freedom, and your relationships with others, reaching out for help, going through drug detox, and following through with treatment and rehabilitation can change your life. It’s hard work, but it’s worth healing the damage that your addiction has caused to so many lives.

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